My name is Rob Rochford and I am an illustrator and designer. My work is based in a broad mix of illustration styles because it is a true passion of mine. It is such a unique medium with its many styles and avenues to both learn and create from. One of my favorite things about illustration is how it interacts with the world. As kids, a lot of the time, illustrations are our first form of interaction with art and we use these illustrations to learn about our world. As children they are in the books read to us and the shows we watch. We learn from them and we grow as people with them. As we get older, many things change but they remain a constant in our world. We see them in magazines, books, and advertisements, even how-to instructions that may come with furniture. Illustrations are an art form everyone interacts with and many cherish in some way or another. I am an illustrator to be a part of this process and to be a part of these people’s lives. Illustrations have defined my life. I have learned many aspects of life through illustrations so much so that I feel they are a part of me. Transferring these images, constructed from my imagination, is something that can communicated to each viewer of my art.

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